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Dropship Program Launch

Peak Velocity took the lead on launching a complete dropship program for its retail vendor client.  The project covers all aspects required for a successful launch. 

  • Financial Analysis - Built a 1, 3, 5 year financial model to  not only assess the viability of the project, but also determine the break-even timeline and provide the base plan to gauge performance against. 

  • Facility setup - Peak Velocity assisted with lease execution, designed order processing workflow including facility layout, and executed the facility buildout.

  • Online Merchandising - We designed the landing and product pages for the full dropship product list including SEO strategies.

  • Software Automation - Peak Velocity implemented shipping and inventory management software for the facility as well as the necessary EDI and API connections with retailers and shipping software platforms. 

  • Daily Operations - Since Go Live, we continue to manage the day-to-day operations of the dropship program including the onboarding of additional retail partners to expand the vendor's program

E-Commerce Resource Onboarding & Training

Peak Velocity assisted with the hiring and onboarding of our client's Vice President of E-Commerce.  Project specifics included:

  • Candidate Selection - Peak Velocity assisted our client with resume review, candidate interviews, and candidate selection.  We also assisted our client with designing a market competitive compensation plan for this specific resource.

  • Onboarding & Training - To complete the project, Peak Velocity onboarded and trained the V.P. of E-Commerce for our client.  By instilling in the candidate a base knowledge of Dropship operations, improving their online merchandising skillset, and acclimating them to our client's software packages, we successfully reduced the candidate's learning curve.  This allowed them to successfully lead the team through our client's Peak season creating a return on investment significantly quicker than our client's could have accomplished on their own.

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